Altar Servers play an important role and are a valuable asset to the clergy and the parish community.

There are two types of servers; Acolytes who carry the candles and the Crucifer who carries the cross. The servers lead the 10 am procession, help set the altar for the Eucharist, and assist the Presider in all aspects of the worship. Standing near the altar, a server represents the lay people of the Church. The servers present the offerings of bread and wine to the priest, who receives them and offers them up to God.

At the 10 am service we use three servers; 1 crucifer and 2 acolytes. We are always looking for more adults and young people to assist. Training classes are provided for new servers, and refresher sessions are provided when required. Young people who serve are permitted to leave to attend Sunday school.

 Servers commit to do one service every 4 to 6 weeks. In becoming a server, you get a totally different appreciation for the Eucharist service.

 If you would like to join our serving team please leave your name at the office at 250-372-3912.