The role of the Cathedral Committee is to represent and act on behalf of the congregation between annual vestry meetings. The members work with the Dean and Wardens to clarify the long- and short-term goals and objectives of the congregation and to develop programs to achieve these goals within the approved budget.

The members of the committee are elected or appointed at the Annual Vestry Meeting. Most positions are for a two-year term.

The Cathedral Committee meets once a month, September to June. The Dean chairs the meetings which last about two hours. They can involve planning, receiving reports, reviewing finances, and making decisions.

Cathedral Committee members invest their time as part of the leadership team for the Cathedral. This leadership role can help strengthen our relationship with God as we work in partnership with the other committee members to achieve the Cathedral goals. Working together as a team, we build on the strengths of those in the group, learn from each other and experience personal growth. Over time the meetings will be forgotten, but the legacy we leave is reflected in the ongoing work of the Cathedral and the lives of the people impacted by the decisions we make each month.

For more information, contact any member of the Cathedral Committee or contact the office at 250-372-3912.