Prayer is part of the work of the church, bringing people’s concerns to God. It invites God to work in the lives of people. The Prayers of the People reflect what we, as a community, want to tell God. The person leading the Prayers of the People helps us to pray as a worshipping community.

 On Sundays at the 10 am worship service, the Prayers of the People are led by a dedicated team. The commitment for a team member is one Sunday about every 2 months. Team members may also be asked to lead the Prayers of the People at services during Christmas and Easter, and on other occasions.

The team member assigned to lead the Prayers of the People on a given Sunday prepares the prayers using the weekly biddings received from the Church office and may also align the prayers with the Lectionary readings. There are some basic guidelines and formats to help the prayer leader but no specific template. Each ministry member prepares the prayers using the resources of their choice. The Dean, and the members of the team are more than willing to mentor a new prayer leader.

The team does not have scheduled meetings to attend. The only requirement to be part of the team is for the individual to prepare and deliver the Prayers of the People. If you are interested in joining this team, contact the office at 250-372-3912.