When renting the St. Paul’s Cathedral facility, these rules and regulations must be complied with:

Orderly Conduct/Responsibility.  The Renter is responsible for the orderly conduct of all persons who are under or associated with the Renter’s supervision and control.  At each function, the Renter will have one designated person responsible for compliance with the lease conditions.  

Building Security. The Renter agrees to limit his/her access and use to the area(s) covered by the agreement.  The Renter will be responsible to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed in the building during usage unless otherwise advised by a Representative of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  The Renter is responsible to see that the building including, but not limited to doors and windows, is left safe and secured at the end of each session unless notified otherwise by a representative of the Church.  

Cleanliness.  The Renter is responsible for cleaning up all spills and untidiness which are beyond that normally associated with the activity for which the facility is leased.  The Renter is responsible for putting away resources used in his/her activities and to leave the facility in an orderly manner ready for subsequent users.  The Renter is responsible to bag and remove all garbage to the bin in the alley behind the building.  

Decorations. No balloons or confetti are allowed anywhere in the building.  Nothing is to be attached to the colored panels (sound baffles) in the Hall. Only green painters tape will be allowed and no push pins or tacks in the walls.  The Renter shall be responsible for the costs of any damage caused to the building.  

Liquor. There will be no liquor allowed in the building.

Floors. The Renter agrees that the floor areas of the facility will be maintained in the condition found.  During inclement weather, the Renter is required to restrict the use of outdoor footwear within the facility.

Emergency Procedures.  The Renter is responsible for knowing the location and operation of fire extinguishers, emergency exits, emergency procedures and the contact person(s) associated with the facility leased.  The Church is responsible for providing the necessary information.  

Lighting/Ceiling Fans/Heating/Electrical Appliances.  The Renter is responsible to ensure that all lights in the leased area are shut off prior to leaving the building.  Ceiling fans are to be left running on low speed unless otherwise directed.  No adjustments are to be made to any heating controls unless authorized by a representative of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Electrical appliances such as stoves, kettles, coffee pots, kitchen fans, etc. which are used as part of the lease must be shut off prior to leaving the building.

Lights. All lights shut off in the entrance ways, unless there is someone still in the building who will require lighting in order to leave (i.e. upstairs office light is on, kitchen in use).

Locks. All inside doors must be locked:

  • between the hall and the Cathedral,
  • between the hall and the outside door,
  • between the Chapel and the outside door with the ramp,
  • between the Cathedral and the Chapel, and
  • between the downstairs washrooms and the stairs.

 (rule of thumb:  if you opened it, check & lock it before you leave)