Lenten Lectures


God brought me out into a spacious place (Psalm 18:19)
St. Paul’s Lenten Luncheon Series 2017 – Thursdays at 12:15 during Lent

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It seems these days that people are always on the move. Whether it is refugees moving to an imagined or promised better life; whether it is children going off to educational or vocational opportunities; whether it is people travelling for medical care or new relationship opportunities, in all these life experiences modern life is characterized by movement.

Such movement occurs constantly and takes us into different spaces. These spaces may be physical-another country, a new job or relationship, or into a new way of living. Likewise such movement takes us into new idealogical, emotional and spiritual territory.

The 2017 Lenten Luncheon series attempts to help us all, individually and collectively, to appreciate more fully the character of such personal and social spaces. We offer this year a series of thinkers, story-tellers and fellow travellers who will share from their own personal faith story or will highlight the stories of others.

So come along, be inspired, challenged, delighted. Come and be part of God’s  people on the move, here at St. Paul’s and in our community. Invite family, friends and neighbours. This is a low-threshold event, designed with the curious seeker in mind. It will also encourage the long-time and faithful Spirit-seeker.

March 2          Forgiving Space                       Ken Gray
The Very Rev. Ken Gray is Dean of St. Paul’s. He will share an appreciation of the work of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho who continue to influence a global culture of forgiveness.

March 9          Wild Space                  Diane McKelvey
Veterinarian Dr. Diane McKelvey is best known for her love and care of animals. She is also someone who often steps out of a comfortable life in many ways, physically, professionally, and spiritually.

March 16        Hard Space                  Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell is a Lay Minister of Word and Sacrament at St. Paul’s and Lay Canon of the Territory of the People. Raised in the UK she arrived in Canada with husband Jim in 1974. Her faith story is one of courage, faith and tenacity.

March 23        Artistic Space              Tricia Sellmer
Tricia Sellmer is a multi-layered, multi-medium Canadian artist working primarily within the parameters of painting and drawing. She has concentrated on making the invisible visible.

March 30        Prayer Space               Sr. Brenda Jenner SSJD
Sr. Brenda is a member of the Canadian Anglican Religious Order – Sisterhood of St. John the Divine.  Within her time in the community, she has done a variety of work including conducting returns, spiritual direction, and chaplaincy. Sr. Brenda now oversees the worship and work of the SSJD BC house in Victoria.

April 6             Communal Space                    Bruce Comrie
The Rev. Bruce Comrie is Lead Minister at Kamloops United Church, a congregation that is creating space as a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery. Bruce has served in a variety of congregational spaces – rural, suburban and urban – in Saskatchewan and B.C. over the past 28 years.