Please pray for the Central Interior of BC as we face over 220 out of control wild fires that have caused over 10,000 people being moved to safety over the last two days.  Weather conditions are not in our favor today with strong winds, high heat and extremely dry conditions.  Most of the Central Interior is under heavy smoke and visible is limited throughout the area.  Road closures are causing great difficulties moving folks to safety.   Many communities are without power, cell phone service and internet access is challenging for many.  I have been in touch with all our faith communities, despite the challenges many are facing, church was held in most communities yesterday and people are caring for one another.


fire picture

This picture of the little historical Anglican church of St John at the Latin Gate, on the Ashcroft Reserve with the fire raging behind this past Friday afternoon, it speak to me of God’s faithful presence with us during this time of uncertainly, danger and challenge for many in the Central Interior.

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