We gathered Monday, October 16th in the Cathedral kitchen to make soup for our weekly soup program. 12 volunteers chopped, peeled and stirred 6 pots of soup.

Three days a week we hand out frozen soup to anyone in need.  Each year our numbers have gone up and this year we are at 633 people as of the end of September.

For reference we handed out soup to:

305 people in 2013

274 people in 2014

529 people in 2015

652 people in 2016

We are on track to surpass 2016 numbers. There is a real need in Kamloops for take away meals that can be eaten in the comfort of their own space.  Keeping up with the demand has caused stress on our normal soup making volunteers. 633 people through the cathedral means 1266 soup containers have left the cathedral. Even with our dedicated soup makers it has been difficult to maintain this level of supply.

This year we received a generous donation that allowed us to buy supplies to make soups. And the Soup Troop was born!! We meet once a month and make soups and share a meal and enjoy each others company.

We appreciate everyone who comes to help make soup as well as the generous donor who allows this program to continue. THANK YOU!

Photo credit Barb Liotscos

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