We received this lovely note from Deborah Kraft about the service her family attended up at the Sun Peaks Ski hill.

“I am attaching 2 photos from the chapel service that we attended.  I believe
that the name of the Lay Reader from St. Paul’s in Kamloops who presided is
Lee.  I am in the purple ski suit and my husband Jouni is in the blue suit
to the right of Lee.  Our son Paul, his wife Crystal, and 2 granddaughters
Clara and Daphne are on the left.  My 5 year old granddaughter Daphne told
me later that she really liked the length of the service (less than 20

This is a beautiful ministry and I thank everyone at St. Paul’s on behalf of
the Kraft Family for giving us the opportunity to worship!

Bless you and thank you,
Deborah Kraft from another St. Paul’s in Algoma”

The Service at Sun Peaks is every Sunday during Ski season at 1pm at the little chapel off the bubble chair. The service is short and sweet and leaves lots of time to find new runs!

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