Looks like Dwight is having a good time!


Top of Alto del Perdon. If you seen the Way with Martin Sheen I think it was part of movie. Elevation is 790 meters.
El Camino family
Made it to Estella today. 23.4 k in a little over 5 hours. Have a nice hostel again. Day was cold and windy and the odd shower. Lots of grapes and olive trees. This is our Camino family. We look a little cold and wet.
Looking west from top of hill. If you zoom in the furthest town is where are now. You can see the rain coming!
Hi all. We left Estella at 7:40 am and made first stop at the wine fountain at 8:10. Bueatiful day with sun shine but cool at +2. Traveling was good on reasonable flat trail with on climb of 250 meters. Our goal was Los Arcos. We arrived at 1 pm. We felt pretty good so decided to stop for lunch (hamburger and fries) for three quarters of an hour then trekked another 8 k to Torres del Rio for at total of 30 k for the day. Our Camino family got a hostel room for the four of us. We are now relaxing, did our stretches (Manuel) is our leader and sure helps this old guy. At the wine fountain! Good way to start your day!

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