On July 13th the Cathedral hosted a memorial service for the Street People who have passed away over the past year.

This is the second year for this service and it was well attended by over 65 people. There was a light lunch provided afterwards and all were invited to decorate a rock in memory of a loved one. These rocks will be protected against the weather and placed in the memorial garden by the Blue house.

memorial rocks

We remember with affection and thanksgiving those no longer with us:

Emile Hart

Jason Friesen

Ken Adams

Holly Hamilton

Chris Brandy

Justin Noble,

Gloria Bower

Roslynne Beardy

Josh Boarderman,

Daryl Miles,

John Southwell,

Donald Weir,

Caroline Brown,

Billy McKay,

Lance Ritchie,

Sue Blue,

Tonia Birkland,

Shirley Thomas,

Troy Paul,

Dennis Tepasse,

Rocco Santoro,

Rob Morell,

Laurie Quigley,

Mason Porter,

Kelly Brewer

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