Summer time at the Cathedral is a special time for those who work here. It is far from the busy church seasons of Advent and Easter and the slower pace of day to day is a nice change. It is also time to get all the “put off” projects done. The lack of traffic around the Cathedral in the summer months makes this easy to do.

This summer the bees at the Cathedral have been busy! We have waxed all the floors in the Cathedral and we have started patching and painting the basement.

Most exciting so far this summer was the outside door project. The last time the exterior doors in the Cathedral were painted was 15 years ago. They were tired, faded and in need of an update! Ron and Claire tackled this project on Monday July 29 and the response from the community passing by was very positive. Even though they did not go with the Bishop’s colour suggestion (red) the results are impressive.


out side door 1


Out side door 2

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