Caps for Sale and More Caps for Sale featured at January’s literacy themed Friday Family Food and Fun! Children started the night by searching the hall for caps and monkeys. After a delicious meal of spaghetti, veggies and dessert, families gathered around to listen to Caps for Sale all about mischievous monkeys mimicking a peddler.

Reading Caps for Sale to a group of children

After the story, children designed their own cap.

They then played pin the cap on the peddler.

Next was a game – the Peddler Says (aka Simon Says). The children found it almost as funny as the adults (who participated fully except in the instruction “The Peddler says to do the splits.”)

Children and adults playing the peddler says (they have their hands on their heads)

After the game, the kids were all ready to listen to More Caps for Sale. The evening ended with a challenging craft to color, cut and string a dancing monkey.

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