The Territory Resource Centre has a new home!

Formally located in the space behind the Territory Office Administrator’s Desk – the Resource Centre was cramped for space and limited to the amount of materials it could have at any given time. A suggestion was made to move the Centre into the Cathedral Boardroom and so renovations began. Ron and Claire painted a wall and moved out the conference table (and all the junk). They used the same paint as they used in the basement bathroom. Gordon and Mary Dove moved the books and the shelves and the result is a new fresh space with room to expand.

The new Territory Resource Centre:

Don’t worry about the conference table – it is located in the Chapter room and will be featured in an upcoming saga (if the stain ever dries………..)

1 Comment

  1. The room looks awesome….. And hard working and knowledgeable administrators ….Mary and Gordon deserve it!!!
    Good job Ron and Claire…. Thank you!


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