An interactive environmental witness project

Part of the Season of Creation 2020

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kamloops BC

During the Season of Creation and through to the end of 2020 we are all invited to share with each other practices we value as a way of moving towards a sustainable and creation-friendly lifestyle. These will include:

Things you want to try that you may be able to sustain as practices going forward

Practices you already do that contribute to sustainability

One time choices that are better for you, your neighbours? and the environment

Each Sunday the mobile will be displayed at all in-person and virtual services. Please consider your own responses and email them to the Cathedral Office We will transfer your ideas to coloured pieces of material and hang them on the mobile which itself will grow in size and beauty as responses are received.

THE FOLLOWING ARE EXAMPLES OF EACH RESPONSE CATEGORY which are gathered from Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria BC which developed this idea during 2019 as an Advent Eco-Wreath.

New things people want to try during 2020 that they may sustain as practices:

  1. Avoid plastic even more
  2. Cycle more
  3. 100% food waste reduction
  4. Not purchasing produce in hard plastic anymore
  5. Reusable bags for fruit and veg
  6. Walk instead of taking car
  7. Pray for peace and clean environment
  8. Carry a grocery bag at all times
  9. Repair clothing rather than buying new
  10. Plant seeds for trees in my home, and plant in wild area when sprouted.  Make my own healthy soap. Make home remedies for mild ailments.
  11. Read newspaper online instead of paper subscription
  12. Eat less meat

Practices they already do that they commit to sustaining:

  1. Decluttering and giving things to those who have admired them
  2. More cycling
  3. Fix appliances instead of throwing them out
  4. Not use my dryer – hang clothes on line to dry
  5. Use clothesline.  Make my own laundry detergent & dishwasher detergent.  90% of my clothes buying is used.  Small car.  Walk lots.  Bike lots.
  6. Compost
  7. Give donations as gifts rather than “stuff”
  8. Use all cloth shopping and veggie bags
  9. Every Sunday morning pick up refuse off the street and boulevard in front of our condo
  10. Short showers, turn off taps, measure boiling water
  11. Make my own foods.  Make birdseed bread(?).  Come up with more ideas and keep thinking.  Get away from aluminum & tissue wrapping.
  12. Buy used whenever possible

One-time – choices that are better for them & the environment      (such as getting something repaired instead of buying new):

  1. Instead of new laptop and CPU – replaced hard drives
  2. I meditate and pray for simplicity
  3. Recover some furniture rather than replace it
  4. Get electronics fixed
  5. Sold my car – walk cycle bus
  6. Changed garden to native plants
  7. Soda Stream Machine
  8. Installed lo-flow toilet 6 litre vs 13 litre
  9. To try & better understand how my lifestyle & consumer choices harm both the environment and the poor of the world
  10. Stop eating beef
  11. Battery lawn mower
  12. Buying reusable paper towels instead of traditional paper towels

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