They have arrived!!

Dennis Saddleman’s book of poetry “Word Warrior” has arrived in the office. You may remember him reading a selection of his poems during the National Indigenous Day of Prayer service June 21, 2020. Dennis is a member of the Territory of the People, a residential school survivor and a poet.

If you would like a copy please let the office know – they are $25 and can be picked up contact free. Cash only please.

Word Warrior – Poems by Dennis Saddleman


    1. Hi Vera – You can call the Territory of the People office 778-471-5573 and they can get you a copy and very possibly get it autographed!

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  1. I heard “Monster”, last year. I could clearly see the child. Today, on CBC radio, in the morning, I heard an interview with Mr. Saddleman. Then he read 2 other poems. They were so moving, touching, and hours later, have not left my mind. I thought, I want to read these, and read more. And I will go back to the archives and listen to him read again. I am so glad I looked up the name Road Warrior, just in case. It brought me to this site. Do you mail out copies of the book or it it available elsewhere?


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