We have had lots of parishioners tell us ways they are committed to being environmentally friendly.

Here is an interesting activity Lorri Weaver, one of our parishioners, is doing – seed saving!

One of the things I have been enjoying this summer is collecting seeds from around my neighborhood and the local parks to grow next year.  Primarily, I seed save petunias and marigolds (I am trying to get as many varieties of both as I can) as well as tomatoes.  I had success with all of these last year.  This year I am also trying to save seed from geraniums, snap peas, sweet peas and snap dragons.  We will see how they grow in the new year!   I have attached a few pictures of my efforts.  This year I am trying both the drying method and fermenting method of tomato seed saving (picture 1).  In an effort to organize myself (and avoid growing mystery plants) I am taking pictures of what I am saving and creating envelops for each (picture 2). Lorri

Lynn Snook suggests

 Gift bags made from pants leg and/or other pieces of cloth.

        Veggie / fruit bag from mesh onion  (or Kiwi) bag

     Use push lawn mower (who needs a gym??)

Bob and Jo-Mary Hunter use little paper lunch bags in a plastic bag under our sink and place little bags in a large paper bag in the garbage can.Avoid plastic bags!!

What are some other suggestions to help the environment that you can do at home and in the community?

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