Dear Children and Families,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while it will look different this year there is still so much to be thankful for. At times it can be difficult to remember to pause and give thanks to God for all that is good and beautiful in our lives, especially when we are missing so many pieces of our life. During the days and weeks around Thanksgiving think about how you, as a family, can remember to give thanks to God and name the things, events, people, and places that you are thankful for. Maybe you share together while gathered for a meal, maybe you pause at the beginning or end of your day, or maybe you start a “gratitude jar” together and watch your thanksgiving grow! 

As one option, here is a printable Gratitude Jar Activity Sheet! Write or draw all that you are thankful for. Maybe print a few copies and complete it each week or day.

Send me a note and share with me how you and your family are sharing your thanksgivings!

Melissa is available to connect with families, children, and youth via email, phone, MessengerKids, and video chat. She can be reached at or call/text 250-682-4866. 

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