More than we can ask or imagine

A note from Ken and Kathie Gray

May 1, 2021

Where do we start in responding to yesterday’s celebrations?

The dog stirred as interlopers placed wooden penguins on our front lawn circa 0400. Fortunately she did not deter them though these temporary lawn sitters did cause her some anxiety throughout the day.

The acknowledgement by Dean Robert of Canterbury of my retirement was a most wonderful surprise in early morning worship. Bishop Gordon is a fine advocate.

The receipt of many emails and other notes continued throughout the day. Jon Buckle arrived with gifts to share . . . but not until the virtual evening party.

Both Kathie and I were spirited away in separate deceits in early afternoon to allow other party decorators to turn our back deck into a festal banquet scene. Unfortunately, the high wind required some adaptation. Balloons were reported over Juniper Ridge in the early evening.

Then came dinner, from our favourite Greek Restaurant, delivered, safely and legally by Joan and Lou Lukow, enough for a King and Queen, and enough for Saturday leftovers.

And then, Kathie and I retired to my newly arranged home office, for a virtual meeting (for which we were never sent the link but found it anyway) which from start to finish astounded and delighted us. So much work by so many people, in both planning and execution, brought to special focus in a ninety-minute presentation and engagement which we will both remember for the rest of our lives.

True confession: I wondered to myself “How will they make something happen, without me?” True narcissism! Well, you did, amazingly and wonderfully. It was so much fun, so thoughtful, so poignant, so funny, so appreciative (eyes moistening as I/we write). As the meeting ended, we simply went upstairs and began to troll through cards and other wonderful items too many to name or number here.

And the financial gift. Wow. In excess of Five Thousand dollars, which we will place into a travel fund aiming for Ireland in 2022 or 2023. When we can travel . . .

It has been a wonderful time to be in your midst. It has been our pleasure to engage deeply in the life of the St. Paul’s community for these five years. The giving and receiving of love has been so ample, so robust, so full of faith and compassion . . . all we both can say is thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU.

And as Tiny Tim said: God bless us, every one.

Ken and Kathie Gray

The “Ken Bear” from the Altar Guild – Designed by Suzy K and Joy G

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