Our prayer shawl ministry has been busy knitting (and knowing the group that participates probably also having lovely cookies as snacks).

Each shawl is blessed by a Minister or the Bishop before we put it away so that it is ready to go when needed. We have had a busy year and have handed out more than 10 prayer shawls so far. Each shawl is knitted with love and care and prayer and is designed to bring comfort to those who need it. They are also gorgeous which is just a fun coincidence.

Thank you to the Rev Canon Sandra Sugden for blessing the shawls during her Wednesday 10am service. We appreciate you!

Rev Canon Sandra Sugden

1 Comment

  1. I was given one of these shawls several years ago and I love it. I need it now more than ever. It brings me a feeling of love, warmth and comfort and I feel very blessed to have it.
    Ray BEAL


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