We were warmly welcomed to the Turtle Valley Donkey refuge on Thursday August 4th for a prayer service and a tour of the facility. This was a delayed event from a Season of Creation (pre Covid).

The shop provided a warm dry space on a stormy day – Thanks to Ken Gray for all the Photos

We gathered in the shop and listened to Shirley Mainprize tell us about the mission of the farm and some heart warming stories about the donkeys in their care. Rob Miller then took us to the barn where we got to meet the herds and even get up close and touch a Donkey – the ever patient Lilly.

Shirley Mainprize is a fantastic story teller! So much Donkey knowledge

The heavens opened up and the rain poured down while we held a service that included the singing of “He came riding on a Donkey” by Gordon Light. It was a fitting hymn and was enjoyed by all. A special thank you to Ken Gray for putting the service together!

Patient Lilly enjoyed the attention and was sad when we left!

The job of the Turtle Valley Donkey refuge – our mission – is to provide a loving, healthy and safe, permanent home for donkeys who are neglected or abused, or, through no fault of their own, cannot be properly cared for in their present circumstance.

Donkeys are amazing, loving, creatures that touch the soul. They are gentle and loyal by nature. They stir in you that parental need to protect and care for them.

Donkeys are generally purchased or adopted by well-meaning people who intend to care for their equine pets with love and in a responsible manner.  Unfortunately, they often enter this relationship unaware that they will be responsible for the health and safety of their donkey for up to 50 years. They also are generally unaware of the special requirements for these desert creatures and tend to regard them as horses from a care perspective.

This was a lovely experience and we recommend checking them out if you are in the area! For more information here is their web site: https://turtlevalleydonkeyrefuge.com/

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