People are digging through rubble to rescue survivors of a February 6 earthquake.
February 7, 2023
By Janice Biehn

In the early morning of February 6, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake happened near the
Turkish/Syrian border. More than 5,000 people were killed and thousands more injured,
trapped beneath the rubble. Rescue and recovery work is continuing.

The ACT Alliance has many members working in the area who have been responding to
humanitarian needs. “As the scale of the disaster continues to be discovered, ACT
members are checking in with their own staff teams, conducting rapid needs
assessments, and already working to provide life-saving supplies to impacted people,”
says the ACT Alliance.

PWRDF will immediately allocate $35,000 to the ACT Alliance to support its members
working in the area. PWRDF is also accepting funds to support this appeal.
ACT member the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East-Department
of Ecumenical Relations and Development (GOPA-DERD) is providing food, blankets,
mattresses and medical aid in affected communities in Aleppo, Hama and Latakia.

ACT member the Middle East Council of Churches states “all the Churches in the
Middle East have put their resources at the disposal of the affected and displaced
people due to the earthquake, since the first moments of the disaster… The Churches
in the Middle East, which always supports their people, will spare no effort in doing all
they can to relieve their pain and lead them towards prosperity and progress.” Plans are
underway from other ACT members to supply winterization materials, ambulances, and
other needed supplies as the extent of the need is known. 

How you can help
Please keep the people affected by this devastating earthquake in your prayers.

Donations can be made to support PWRDF’s response online,
or over the phone by calling 416-822-9083 (or leave a message toll-free at 1-866-308-7973 and we will return your call.) You can also donate by mail. Send your cheque to PWRDF, 80 Hayden Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4Y 3G2. Please indicate Syrian Earthquake in the memo field.


    1. The aid is being given through the ACT alliance who is providing food blankets, mattresses and medical aid in the Syrian communities of Aleppo, Hama and Latakia.


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