Our vision is that all Métis children, youth and families live with love, honour, dignity and respect knowing they belong to a strong, proud People with a unique heritage and cultural identity.

As Métis people we have the right and responsibility to care for and support the safety and well-being of Métis children, youth and families. As a Métis child and family services agency, we will continue our Nation’s resilient legacy as we:
1. Work respectfully with all levels of government to promote strong, healthy Métis children, youth and families; 
2. Offer family programming and child safety services that are embedded in and delivered with love, compassion, respect; 
3. Ensure services are consistent with Métis traditions, values and ways of caring for and honouring one another; 
4. Construct, hold, manage and maintain culturally safe and affordable housing options for Aboriginal youth who are receiving or who have received services from the provincial child welfare system, Elders and other Aboriginal Persons deemed eligible by the Society. 
5. Cultivate and nurture a sense of belonging to one’s Métis community and cultural identity; 
6. Promote and demonstrate reconciliation in Métis child and family services. 

New local projects:


KIKÉKYELC is a culturally safe, fully supported, 31 unit condo style development that houses Indigenous youth between the ages of 16 & 27, along with Indigenous Elders. The project was developed as a response to the over representation of Indigenous youth who had aged out of foster care and into dire situations including homelessness, addictions, poverty and unemployment. Indigenous youth who have had experience in the child welfare system are not well prepared to live independently upon reaching the age of adulthood. 
Lil Michif

For more information please see their web site –

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