Advent is a time for pause. A time to slow down and sit in the waiting time, in the place of anticipation for what is to come.

There are many ways to create time in Advent for meditation and prayer practice. Here is one practice you may wish to adopt during this season.

The attached 2020 Advent Calendar Templates, created by Sybil Macbeth, are a great daily practice. Each day fill a space with words, doodles, colours, or prayers. Here are some ideas of how to fill your calendar:

  • Write the name of someone who you are praying for. You may doodle around their name or you might just draw an image of something that reminds you of them as you pray for them.
  • Choose a word from your daily reading and write it in the space. Add colour and doodles.
  • Write an Advent word each day.
  • Write down something you hope for each day.
  • Just colour and doodle!

Here are three templates to choose from! Just download, print, and start!

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