Soup Ministry Update

To date we are at 722 people in for Soup from January – October 2017. That is 1444 containers of Soup handed out!!!
We are already to date almost 200 people more than last year and we still have 2 months to go. We have noticed an increase in new people this year and the majority are younger (between 26-36).
Thankfully we have been able to start a new initiative at the church called the “Soup Troop”. In large part thanks to a generous donation, the Soup Troop meets once a month to peel, chop and chat and make anywhere from 4-6 pots of soup which cups up into 70-90 containers. A huge thank you to Margaret Mitchell and the Soup Troop for making this so fun and successful. This has alleviated the pressure from our home cooks and is also a fun and social thing to do.
Soup Troop
We are always accepting clean, empty containers with lids and have many community, non church goers collecting for us.
We are on track to be over 800 people served in 2017.
Ideas on how to sustain the program are always welcome. If you would like to be part of the Soup Troop please contact the office.

Cathedral Remembrance Day Dinner

The Remembrance Day dinner was a wonderful event with an attendance of 99! Thank you to all who came and enjoyed it and to those who helped organize it.

The Dean took some lovely photos!

Enjoy these few pictures here – for more please visit his personal photography page (there are some really lovely photos) –


Out of the Cold presentation

The Out of the Cold program is a shelter program open to people in need of shelter and is for both men and women. It is open Sunday and Wednesday night and is housed in the basement of the Cathedral. Run by a board of directors this program is staffed by paid shift captains and volunteers and is open from 7pm to 7am.

The board of directors came to the Cathedral Sunday October 29th and made the parishioners breakfast like the guests of the shelter eat. The breakfast buns were delicious and enjoyed by all. Thank you Out of the Cold for letting us understand more about your program.

As the weather turns cold they are always looking for warm coats, mitts and hats for the guests as well as blankets and boots.


Photo Credit Rae Long.