Annual Cathedral Spring Clean up

Saturday April 7 was the annual Cathedral Spring Clean up and we had an AMAZING turn out! 25 people came and scrubbed, vacuumed, dusted and sweated!! Our Verger, Ron, was so pleased and we were finished in record time! Thank you to all who came out and gave up the morning to deep clean the Cathedral. We appreciate it!

We celebrated with coffee and muffins and companionship. Hooray to St. Paul’s

photo credit Rae Long



Maurice and Irene Bridgeman Celebrate their Diamond Anniversary

Parishioners Maurice and Irene Bridgeman are set to celebrate their Diamond Anniversary April 26, 2018. They have been married 60 years!!!!!!

Not only is that a significant milestone they also got a lovely note from the Queen and the Governor General of Canada acknowledging their accomplishment!

Take pride in knowing that you possess the kind of love that everyone aspires to one day find. May your hearts always remain as caring and passionate as when you fell in love. Happy Anniversary!

Gov ger letter



Hands in the Dirt Gang is back at it!

The hands in the Dirt Gang was back at it this weekend in a new location. After the death of Chuck Kalnin the future of the St. Paul’s garden ministry was up in the air. Chuck had housed the garden for more than 5 years and with his death and the subsequent sale of his house it looked like there was not going to be a garden.

But the Ste. Marie family stepped up and offered some of their land for the garden to continue. The new day for gardening is Saturday morning. All are welcome to come and plant, dig and weed. Chuck will be smiling done on us and so happy we continued this important ministry.


Soup Ministry Update

This week we had a successful “soup troop” workshop in the Cathedral kitchen. We made a hearty barley vegetable soup and two pans of Shepherds Pie.

Miriam soup
We will have enough to feed 60 people 2 meals! Thank you to the generous anonymous volunteer for funding this project and to the WONDERFUL volunteers who happily chop, peel and laugh.

Another thing to note is the weekly delivery of baked goods! Our clients enjoy fantastic bakes goods weekly. Our baker is not even a parishioner but a amazing member of the community who wants to support our soup ministry! Thank you Lynn for creating these beautiful cookies/cupcakes/loaves each week. You are the best!

Lynn Cookies


A Dwight update

Looks like Dwight is having a good time!


Top of Alto del Perdon. If you seen the Way with Martin Sheen I think it was part of movie. Elevation is 790 meters.
El Camino family
Made it to Estella today. 23.4 k in a little over 5 hours. Have a nice hostel again. Day was cold and windy and the odd shower. Lots of grapes and olive trees. This is our Camino family. We look a little cold and wet.
Looking west from top of hill. If you zoom in the furthest town is where are now. You can see the rain coming!
Hi all. We left Estella at 7:40 am and made first stop at the wine fountain at 8:10. Bueatiful day with sun shine but cool at +2. Traveling was good on reasonable flat trail with on climb of 250 meters. Our goal was Los Arcos. We arrived at 1 pm. We felt pretty good so decided to stop for lunch (hamburger and fries) for three quarters of an hour then trekked another 8 k to Torres del Rio for at total of 30 k for the day. Our Camino family got a hostel room for the four of us. We are now relaxing, did our stretches (Manuel) is our leader and sure helps this old guy. At the wine fountain! Good way to start your day!

Equip 2018

Complete information and a registration form are available here.

The aim of Equip is to celebrate fellowship, faith and fun with our family of the Territory of the People and invited guests.

If you have never attended EQUIP, our Territory “family consultation,” now is the time. If you have attended many over the years, welcome back.


Registration Form –
Equip 2018