The Common Cup Comes to Kamloops

Singing, teaching and supporting congregations and community groups for almost forty years the Common Cup Company was formed in Winnipeg in the early 1980s. Jim Uhrich, Ian Macdonald, Bob Wallace and Gordon Light were United Church and Anglican clergy in neighbouring parishes. In the passing of years, they have been scattered across the land, and have added and lost members.

Although most are now retired, and distance makes rehearsal time a rare and wondrous thing, they love getting together!

Common Cup originally produced five cassette tapes of original music. They now boast six CDs, including two collections of “Common Cup Live” songs from concerts over the years. Their most recent studio CD, Earth Beneath Your Feet, was released in 2018.

Common Cup music appears in recent Canadian Hymn Books: Voices United (United Church of Canada), Common Praise (Anglican), The Book of Praise (Presbyterian) and More Voices (United Church). Some songs are also published in collections in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway and elsewhere. She Flies On! (written here in Kamloops in the 1980s) has been translated into many languages including French, Spanish, German and Swedish.

Their mission as a group is one of teaching, songwriting, singing and supporting congregations and community groups in their ministry. They have shared in national events from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland to the Yukon. In the Spring of 2018, they were blessed to do a six-concert tour in south west Australia. The group writes: “We care about personal faith, our common life in the Church, the well-being of the earth and its creatures, and peace and justice work.”


The Common Cup Company – In Concert

Wednesday September 18, 2019, 7 p.m.

St. Paul‛s Cathedral

360 Nicola Street, Kamloops, B.C.



Tickets in advance from the Church office and at the door, space permitting

$20/person (under 12, Free)

Summer time at the Cathedral

Summer time at the Cathedral is a special time for those who work here. It is far from the busy church seasons of Advent and Easter and the slower pace of day to day is a nice change. It is also time to get all the “put off” projects done. The lack of traffic around the Cathedral in the summer months makes this easy to do.

This summer the bees at the Cathedral have been busy! We have waxed all the floors in the Cathedral and we have started patching and painting the basement.

Most exciting so far this summer was the outside door project. The last time the exterior doors in the Cathedral were painted was 15 years ago. They were tired, faded and in need of an update! Ron and Claire tackled this project on Monday July 29 and the response from the community passing by was very positive. Even though they did not go with the Bishop’s colour suggestion (red) the results are impressive.


out side door 1



Out side door 2

Our little garden

Our little garden is so small but packed with goodness and colour. It brings joy to the community! You can often catch members of the community stopping to take a picture or have a conversation about how cheerful the little garden is.

How lucky that we have such a dedicated and small group of volunteers (who are so stealthy we often don’t see them) who tend to this plot.

Thank you from the Cathedral and the Community!!

Memorial Service for Street People

On July 13th the Cathedral hosted a memorial service for the Street People who have passed away over the past year.

This is the second year for this service and it was well attended by over 65 people. There was a light lunch provided afterwards and all were invited to decorate a rock in memory of a loved one. These rocks will be protected against the weather and placed in the memorial garden by the Blue house.

memorial rocks

We remember with affection and thanksgiving those no longer with us:

Emile Hart

Jason Friesen

Ken Adams

Holly Hamilton

Chris Brandy

Justin Noble,

Gloria Bower

Roslynne Beardy

Josh Boarderman,

Daryl Miles,

John Southwell,

Donald Weir,

Caroline Brown,

Billy McKay,

Lance Ritchie,

Sue Blue,

Tonia Birkland,

Shirley Thomas,

Troy Paul,

Dennis Tepasse,

Rocco Santoro,

Rob Morell,

Laurie Quigley,

Mason Porter,

Kelly Brewer

Sunpeaks field trip

Saturday July 20

A dozen parishioners ventured up the chair lift to attend a summer service at the little chapel at the Sunpeaks resort. Lead by Cathy Shether and Dwight Oatway (with Music provided by Gordon Light) the group not only enjoyed the little chapel but the wild flower festival as well. This time of year the hill is covered in brightly colour wild flowers and are a treat to see.

Photo Credit Barb Liotscos



Photo Credit Cathy Shether

Bishop Barbara Andrews to Retire at the end of this year

Slideshow image

Affection and appreciation mark the retirement announcement of Bishop Barbara Andrews

Sunday, June 2, 2019 Quesnel, BC

Surrounded by delegates and guests gathered for the Assembly of the Territory of the People in Quesnel BC, and in the presence of the Primate, the Most Rev. Fred Hiltz, accompanied by the Rt. Rev. Mary Irwin-Gibson, the Bishop of Montreal, Bishop Andrews announced her intention to retire Dec 31, 2019. By that time, she will have served as Bishop Suffragan for the Territory of the People for over ten years.

Hours before her announcement a policy to elect a Bishop was approved at the Assembly, which sets out a process which can immediately commence with the hope of an Electoral Assembly on September 28, 2019 and the seating of the next Bishop in early January 2020.

In her resignation speech, Bishop Andrews, said: “When I became Bishop Suffragan in 2009, I envisioned a different ministry, but found my role was to give leadership to a process of moving the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior from under the jurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical Province of BC & Yukon, to becoming once again an independent Anglican identity with all the rights and responsibilities of a diocese.”

Bishop Andrews sees this evolution as one more step along the journey to healing and reconciliation, and as a way to truly embrace the whole people of God in this area as suggested in the new name: Territory of the People. The name was given to the Territory by the Territory Pastoral Elders, the Indigenous Council and the Coordinating Council, to be inclusive of all people who walk together sharing the love of Creator God.

Seeing the need for the Territory to embrace new models of ministry, Bishop Andrews worked with a team to develop an understanding of collaborative ministry within the Territory and installed the first leadership team to oversee a parish church with locally trained priests, deacons and lay leaders.

Bishop Andrews added: “What I will miss most in retirement is the privilege of sharing in ministry with an outstanding team of clergy and laity who have been courageous in finding new ways to be God’s people in the Territory.”

Barbara Andrews grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta in a Métis family of nine children. She recently obtained her Status as a member of the Enoch Cree Nation. She is the mother of David and Patricia who are the great joys in her life. She is a life-long learner who attended St John’s Theological College at the University of Manitoba. During a recent Sabbatical at the Chicago Theological Union, she worked with Dr. Robert Schreiter on reconciliation initiatives.

Ordained a Deacon (1997) and Priest (1998) in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land by Bishop Patrick Lee, Bishop Andrews was consecrated in 2009 by Archbishop John Privett to serve the once titled Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior. Elsewhere she has served in parish ministry, in an inner-city shared mission project, and as Executive Director of the Sorrento Centre.

She is deeply committed to the empowering of all people in their baptismal ministry. Her education and experience have taught her the healing power of a life of prayer, and the transforming and restorative power of God’s love, especially when the Christian community reaches out in acts of social justice and love to the most vulnerable of our society.



The Rt. Rev. Barbara Andrews

The Very Rev. Ken Gray

778 220 2631

Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday was awesome today.  In the church bulletin Claire described the guest speaker as “Famous Local People”… It most certainly was.

First of all it was determined that no one in the room was born in Kamloops… So everyone one of us had come from somewhere!!


We heard life stories from six amazing women.  Four had arrived in Canada via pier 14 or 21 in Halifax.

They were adventurous and brave…. With joy and tragedies in their lives.  The six life stories were of Fay Walton,  Miriam Baskin,  Ruth Popp,   Linda Jackson,  Grace Clapperton,  and Rae Long.

Friendship Friday will reconvene Friday, September 20th.