Do you know Anne?

Well let us introduce you to her! Anne is a long time member of the St. Paul’s Cathedral family. She has been with us since the 60’s (at least).

Anne comes in 2 mornings a week to volunteer with Claire in the office. On Wednesday she sorts the leaflets and on Thursday she folds and presses them. This is a job she is very good at and we appreciate her!

Photo credit Ken Gray & Rae Long

Many thanks for the cooks!

This years Pancake supper was a success! With an attendance of at least 70, parishioners enjoyed pancakes, sausages and a inter generational craft!

Thank you to Lance, Jim, Dwight and Ron for cooking both gluten and gluten free pancakes – they were delicious.

photo credit Rae Long

Dedication of the Diocese of Cariboo Display Cabinets

Sunday February 11, 2018 Bishop Barbara Andrews was here to dedicate the new display cabinets. These cabinets were made possible through a grant from the BC Archives in connection with Canada150 initiatives. Construction was by EXCEL INDUSTRIES, Kamloops BC – Rob & Rose Roy and their team.

They are beautiful and will house artifacts from the Diocese of Cariboo. Two of the cabinets will stay at St. Paul’s Cathedral and one will journey to Barkerville, BC

Photo Credit Rae Long

A photo shoot at the Cathedral

Here is a little known fact  – our Dean is a very good photographer. He takes beautiful photos. He belongs to a local photography club and in January they used the Cathedral as a photo-shoot. Working with the dark and light contrast in the building resulted in some amazing shots!

photo credit Norm Dougan

Here is the submission from local photographer Norm Dougan

Children’s Sunday School Gives Back

On December 17th in Sunday School our young people went through the “World of Gifts” gift guide through the Primates World Relief and Development Fund, Anglican Church of Canada and made decisions on how to spend the $295 the group had collected through their Sunday School offerings over the past year and a half.
This is how our young people choose to spend their offering:
“Ducks in a row” – the gift of $30 supplies 15 ducks to an aspiring duck farmer.
“Get your goat” – the gift of $30 turns families into goat farmers.
“Get your goat” – the gift of $30 turns families into goat farmers.
“Chick it out” – the gift of $40 supplies a farmer with 40 chicks.
“Special Deliver” – the gift of $40 allows 40 babies to be born with a new delivery kit.
“Wonder Woman” – the gift of $50 supports women in Guatemala.
“The Peanut Butter Project” – the gift of $25 will help produce 500 jars of peanut butter.
“Hunger Relief” – the gift of $50 will help meet people’s immediate food needs during disaster.
What wonderful decisions!!
What great giving!!
Thank you to our St. Paul’s young people – you are a gift to us and teach us so much about giving and being present!
IMG_9044IMG_9046Christmas lunch

The Baptism of little Harrison

Sunday December 17 was a busy day at the Cathedral! We had the Baptism of little Harrison and a pot luck finger food luncheon!

Harrison was a good sport about the Baptism and was presented little gifts by the Sunday school kids. Rae Long made a cake to celebrate the event and big Brother Logan helped cut it and even got a smartie off the top.

Photo Credit Rae Long

Soul Friends wraps up

This fall the Cathedral hosted a program called “Soul Friends” whose goal was to train and help develop the skills for people to help others. It was based on the premise that the best way of helping people help others is through training in communication skills.

This 6 week program was well attended with an average attendance of 19 people. They laughed, they shared and they learned.

Rae Long took care of the coffee breaks and even served a couple of lunches. They thanked her with a bottle of wine!

Thanks to the workshop leaders. David, Jim and Maureen.